It’s Holiday Party Season! Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Entertained


Easy Ways to Entertain Kids at a Holiday Party

The festive season is in full swing, and many adults are kicking back and celebrating the season. You’ve decked the halls and planned your dinner spread. Now all you need to do is figure out how to keep the kids entertained while the adults mingle and have a good time. Nothing halts a holiday party like a screaming child, so it’s wise to think ahead on how you plan to keep the little ones occupied. Take a look at some of our fun and practical suggestions for an enjoyable winter get-together with family and friends.

  • Give them space

Ideally, the kids should have their own space separate from the adults. Whether it’s a floor of the house, a room, or even a craft table, this space should be safe, stocked with fun, and out of the adults’ space.

  • Rely on toys

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending, toys for the kids are a must. Your child should take a couple of their favorite toys from home to help them feel comfortable and occupy them. Now is also a good time to introduce a fun new toy that will hold their attention for a while.

  • Entertain with crafts

Most children love to get hands-on with a project. A sure way to distract the kids is to set up a craft table that is complete with a variety of activities and materials. Younger children can start with festive coloring books and crayons, and Play-Doh can be jazzed up with glitter and buttons to make snowmen. For the older kids, consider providing pens and paper for them to create their own holiday cards, and materials so they can build banners, ornaments, and more.

  • Schedule downtime

Parties can be overwhelming for kids. Make sure that you leave enough time for your child to unwind with their favorite toy, book, or film. Aim to keep them to their regular eating and sleeping schedule, too.

From the team at Pediatric Surgical Associates, we hope that you have a happy holiday season complete with kid-friendly parties! If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health and happiness, contact us for all of your pediatric surgical needs. Our professionals are experts in child healthcare, and we’re ready to serve you and your family.

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