What You Should Know About Your Kids & Antibiotics

How To Keep Your Children Infection-Free

Antibiotics are one of the feats of modern medicine. A powerful way to defend our bodies from bacterial infections, we’re often relieved when a doctor can prescribe such an effective cure to what’s ailing us. The relief is even stronger when it’s for our kids, who we just want to see well. Are antibiotics always the answer, though? Here are a few things to consider next time your son or daughter is at the doctor.

Antibiotics don’t discriminate which bacteria they kill. Antibiotics take out bacteria by either killing it outright or stopping it from reproducing. While stopping your child’s bacterial infection, it can also kill some of the good bacteria in his or her body. That’s why upset stomachs and diarrhea are such common side effects of bacteria. Supplement your child’s diet with probiotics while he or she is taking antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance is possible. Bacteria are smart. They want to survive, and over time they can figure out ways to live through certain types of antibiotics. Over the decades, we’ve seen some infections morph, making the antibiotics most commonly used to treat them less effective.

Determining if an illness is bacterial isn’t always clear-cut. Viral infections often look similar to bacterial ones, but they can’t be treated with antibiotics. If your child is just feeling a little under the weather, discuss with your doctor if it’s best to way a couple of days before prescribing an antibiotic.

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