Learn About What Common Tests Your Child May Need Before Surgery

Learn About What Common Tests Your Child May Need Before Surgery

Find out what you need to know about these common tests before surgery.                               

Before surgery, there are various tests that your child may need. These tests give the doctors the vital information that they need to find out what is wrong medically and help ensure that your child is ready for surgery. From infection to organ function, a simple blood test before an operation can be telling of any underlying risk that could make the procedure riskier. Find out what you need to know about these types of tests that are common before surgery.

Blood Tests.

It’s important to check to see that you’re healthy enough for surgery, prior to the operation. Blood tests such as a complete blood count, blood chemistry panel, and arterial blood gas, can help doctors determine vital aspects of information so that they can best perform surgery.

Imaging Tests.

Sometimes a condition must be evaluated through the use of imaging systems. From CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans to ultrasounds and x-rays, there are various tests that may be used to look further into the soft tissues of the body. Using these tests, doctors are better able to see what’s going on internally so that they can help to give you the most accurate medical diagnosis.

Heart Tests.

In some cases, your doctor may order a test to check your child’s heart function. Tests such as an electrocardiogram (EKG) which tests the heart’s electrical function or an echocardiogram which conducts an ultrasound of the heart, may be used. These sorts of tests help to give doctors information about how strong the heart is and whether you’re a good candidate for surgery.

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