New Year’s Resolutions to Make with Your Family in 2019

New Years With Child

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids and Parents

 Let’s face it, making and keeping individual New Year’s resolutions are hard. They’re easy to give up on, especially when you have the weight of other responsibilities on your shoulders. Instead of creating your own resolutions for the new year, consider getting the whole family involved to make new goals together. They can be fun, painless, and sure to benefit your loved ones. To help, we’ve rounded up a few suggestions that can better the health and happiness of your family in 2019.

1. Get outside more

Make a commitment to spend more time exploring the great outdoors together. Schedule time to hike, bike ride, camp, and swim as a family, whether it’s once a week or going on a camping vacation. So many of our best childhood memories take place indoors, it’s time to create lasting, fun experiences for your children in nature.

2. Unplug

Similar to the above suggestion, make a pact to spend less time on phones and computers. While it certainly has its uses, tech can get in the way of meaningful family time. You can choose to set time limits or commit to playing more activities together. Who doesn’t love a good board game?

3. Eat well

A New Year’s resolution that everyone can get on board with is eating healthier. There are many ways you can take steps to improving your family’s habit of health. For example, you can give up soda for juice, cut back on salty snacks in the house, or eat three more servings of vegetables each day. Take this opportunity to learn together as a family, from nutrition to cooking. What’s more, children that see their parents keep healthy eating habits can positively shape their relationship with food.

4. Practice kindness

Put a stop to kicking under the table, refusing to share, and forgetting to use the magic words. Practice kindness and compassion, encouraging your whole family to be more grateful and happier. Keep in mind that children learn how to be kind and grateful by watching their parents’ actions. Consider helping the local community as a family at least once a month, too.

Let us know what New Year’s resolutions your family are making! For all of your pediatric surgical needs throughout the new year and beyond, contact the professionals at Pediatric Surgical Associates in Orange County. We are dedicated to protecting your children’s health and wellness.

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