Keep Your Child’s Incision Clean After Pediatric Surgery With These Infection Prevention Tips

Infection Prevention Tips to Use After Pediatric Surgery in Orange County

Protect your child after pediatric surgery with these infection prevention tips!

With any open wound, it’s important that you stay vigilant to reduce your risk of infection. However, it’s especially important to be wary of infection after surgery. After your child’s pediatric surgery, ensure that you keep careful watch of the incision. Check out what you need to know about these infection prevention tips.

Learn How to Change the Bandage.

After surgery, your child is likely going to have their first bandage change while in the hospital. Pay close attention so that you can change the bandage properly. That way you can reduce your risk of any bandage mishaps. Additionally, ask your doctor what sorts of signs of infection you should be looking out for. Your pediatric surgeons will give you instructions to change the bandage.

Keep it Clean.

It’s important that you take care to keep your child’s incision clean. Change the bandages as instructed and always wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with warm soapy water before and after dressing the wound. That way you can minimize the spread of harmful germs.

Incision Inspection.

Each time you change your child’s bandaging, ensure that you inspect your child’s incision. Take a good look so that you can catch any signs of infection sooner than later. If the incision is swollen, red, hot, painful, or full of puss, it’s important to get medical attention as soon as possible. Take care of any minor issues before they become major ones so that you can take good care of your child’s health.

When it comes to your child’s pediatric surgery in Orange County, take the necessary precautions to prevent infection. Contact the Pediatric Surgical Associates for all your pediatric surgical needs. Our pediatric surgeons in Orange County are experts at protecting your kids’ health and wellness!

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