Quick Breakfast Ideas for School Mornings

quick breakfast for kids

On-the-Go Breakfasts for Children

We’re back into the swing of school again, and it’s likely you already have your family back in a routine. As parents pack lunches and check homework folders, it becomes easy to overlook the important start of our day – breakfast. Mornings with school children are (almost) always hectic. Making sure everyone gets out the door in time can mean breakfast is often sacrificed.

But, as the saying goes, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Studies found that children who had breakfast maintained better concentration and achieved better results than their non-breakfast-eating counterparts. To ensure your child starts the day off with a nutritious breakfast that will last them until lunch, check out these easy ideas!

  • Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great alternative to cereal in the morning. Simply mix rolled oats, almond/soy milk, a mashed banana, maple syrup, cinnamon, and a handful of blueberries together. Next, pop it in the fridge overnight. You can choose to add nut butters, other berries, seeds, and other flavorings to entice your child, too!

  • Avocado Toast

What could be easier than toasting bread and then spreading it with avocado? Not only it is fast and easy, but it’s entirely nutritious and delicious. Start with hearty whole grain bread and add combinations like tomatoes or hummus. Either way, it’s one of the fastest breakfasts around!

  • Smoothie

Whipping up a smoothie a great option when you’re all in a rush because you can make it from whatever is in your fridge and take it on the go. Use some type of milk as the base, then add frozen or fresh fruit, vegetables (think spinach, broccoli, kale), nut butters, and spices. Better yet, whizz up all the ingredients the night before, transfer it to a mason jar, and then store in the fridge until you’re about to dash out the door.

These breakfast ideas can make mornings a snap! We’re your partners in keeping your children their healthiest. Contact the Pediatric Surgical Associates for all your pediatric surgical needs. Our pediatric surgeons in Orange County are experts at protecting your kids’ health and wellness!

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