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Keeping Your Student Athlete Safe

The new school year means the start of another year of sports. While group sports are a great way for you children to get the physical exercise they need and fell like they are part of something bigger, it can also lead to serious injuries. Make sure to ask your child’s school these questions to [

How Are You Going To Celebrate Grandparents Day?

How are you planning on celebrating your grandparents this week? Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on September 13th, and is the best time to show your grandma and grandpa just how much you care. Grandparents play a vital role in children’s lives. Typically, they are able to provide time and patie

Everything You Need To Know About Pilonidal Cysts

Pilondial cysts are most prevalent amongst girls and boys in their adolescent and teen years. Because of the sweat that collects in their hair follicles, athletes and children are treated most often. Pilonidal cysts are abnormal pockets or sacs in the skin and most commonly occur near the tailbone,

Staying Healthy Through The End Of Summer

Even as the summer is coming to a close, the Southern California temperatures are still creeping up. To help keep you and your family safe throughout the season, keep these sun and heat safety tips in mind. For children under 6 months old: • Avoid any prolonged sun exposure for infants, and dress

Have A Successful School Year With These Tips

As the new school year starts, both you and your children are probably facing a range of emotions. From excitement to anxiety, it can be easy to let your emotions drive your back to school preparation. However, taking the time to really get ready for school can help to ensure success. Keep these ba