Talking to Your Son About Testicular Torsion

Helping your kids feel comfortable could make a huge difference.

Every parent’s relationship with his or her kids is different. Some children are naturally open, while others tend to keep more to themselves. Wherever your son falls on the spectrum, it’s important he know that one topic of conversation is always open.

Testicular torsion is not particularly fun or exciting to talk about. But it is common, and it is a surgical emergency.

Testicular torsion occurs when blood supply to a testicle is cut off because spermatic cord structures twist. The twisting comes with a sudden pain that won’t be resolved until medical action is taken. Other symptoms include swelling, nausea, and pain in the abdomen.

The problem is that because of the sensitive nature of the torsion site, boys often wait to report their pain. The longer the testical is without blood, the higher the likelihood of the testicle “dying.” Quick response to testicular torsion is the key to restoring blood flow, unlocking the best possible outcome.

This type of torsion is most common in boys ages 13 to 14, but it can happen at any age. Have a conversation with your son about the symptoms. If he knows that he needs to see a doctor, he’s much less likely to suffer through the pain. Although it likely won’t be the most fun conversation you have this week, it can save your son from suffering in silence.

If your son is experiencing testicular pain, please call us right away. We can quickly perform the necessary procedure to alleviate his pain! Contact the Pediatric Surgical Associates for all your pediatric surgical needs. Our pediatric surgeons in Orange County are experts at protecting your kids’ health and wellness!

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