Common Causes of Chest Pain in Kids That You Should Know About

Common Causes of Chest Pain in Kids That You Should Know About

Learn about common causes of chest pain in kids.

Chest pain is a worrying symptom for most people. As a tell-tale sign of a heart attack, it’s normal to be alarmed when your child experiences chest pain. However, more often than not, chest pain in kids and teen is not symptomatic of a heart attack. There are many factors that may cause chest pain in kids and teens alike. If your child is experiencing chest pain, seek medical attention as soon as possible. For more information, read up on these common causes of chest pain in kids.

Chest Wall Pain.

Perhaps the most common type of chest pain in children and teens is chest wall pain. The chest wall is the structure that helps to protect the organs of the chest. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience pain in the chest wall, especially after a sports injury or a cold. Chest wall pain typically is not serious and can be treated with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. However, consult with your doctor first.

Other Heart Conditions.

While chest wall pain is most common, there are a variety of heart conditions that can lead to chest pain in kids. Things like an irregular heartbeat, inflammation of the sac around the heart, a viral infection of the heart, or a tear in the artery of the heart can all lead to chest pain. Ensure that you visit with your child’s doctor as soon as possible to rule out any serious heart conditions. If your child’s chest pain is accompanied by rapid heart rate, fever, sweating, difficulty breathing, and paleness, go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

When your child experiences chest pain, it’s normal to be concerned. Ensure that you get expert medical treatment from the right pediatric physicians. Should your child need surgery, ensure that they’re in good hands with the right pediatric surgeons in Orange County. Contact the Pediatric Surgical Associates for all your pediatric surgical needs. Our pediatric surgeons in Orange County are experts at protecting your kids’ health and wellness!

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